A Reader's Notes on
Facts and Concepts from
Daniel J. Levitin's

This is Your Brain on Music
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Book ChapterBook Pages
1What is Music?
From Pitch to Timbre
2Foot Tapping
Discerning Rythm, Loudness, and Harmony
3Behind the Curtain
Music and the Mind Machine
What We Expect from Liszt (and Ludacris)
5You Know My Name, Look Up the Number
How We Categorize Music
6After Dessert, Crick Was Still Four Seats Away from Me
Music, Emotion, and the Reptilian Brain
7What Makes a Musician?
Expertise Dissected
8My Favorite Things
Why Do We Like the Music We Like?
9The Music Instinct
Evolution's #1 Hit
App. AThis Is Your Brain on Music[269-271]
App. BChords and Harmony[274-276]

[nnn] refers to page nnn of the book (paperback, Plume, 2006).

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cbc links to CBC Radio One broadcasts that featured Levitin, many from the defunct program Freestyle.
the Neuron links to the site of the Neuron, a 6-episode CBC radio show about music.

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