On the Musical Scales of Various Nations - Alexander Ellis - 1885

This is a transcription, with transcriber's corrections, of a reproduction of Ellis's article, the original having been published in 1885 in the now defunct Journal of the Society of Arts. This transcriber (Stuart Frazier Allen) worked from a photocopy of a reproduction published in A Century of Ethnomusicological Thought: (The Garland Library of Readings in Ethnomusicology: A Core Collection of Important Ethnomusicological Articles, Vol. 7), edited by Kay Kaufman Shelemay.

Each of the 16 sections of the 43 page article (pp. 485-527) is represented here as a single web page.
IIMusical Scales
IVTheory and Practice
First Division: Heptatonic Scales
VAncient Greece and Modern Europe
VIPersia, Arabia, Syria, and Scottish Highlands
XIWestern Africa
Second Division: Pentatonic Scales
XIISouth Pacific

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When it makes reading easier in the transcriber's opinion, notations for sharpening or flattening a note have be pushed up against the note letter; for example, Csh might be used in the transcript where C sh was used in the original.

Normal links within the transcription text refer to other places in the transcription text itself. Obviously, these were not in the original -- they were created by the transcriber for readers' convenience.

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àletter a with grave mark
çc with cedilla
ée with acute mark
èe with grave mark
êe with circumflex
íi with acute mark
ïi with diaeresis (two dots above)
œo-e ligature
ôo with circumflex
üu with diaeresis
×multiplication operator
½1/2 fraction sign
separator between numerator and denominator
÷division operator
dagger symbol
°degree symbol
minus sign